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Resources for Employees of All Kansas City Southern Subsidiaries

Human Resources Contacts

Update Address or Phone Visit the “Update Your Info” tile in PeopleStation to change home address or personal phone information in your profile.

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Resources for U.S. Employees

Benefits Information
Most Employee information is currently available on the KCS Intranet website, Inside Track.

U.S. management employees can find detailed information regarding benefits at the Benefit Resource Center

U.S. union employees are encouraged to visit, a secure portal with benefits and other topics for existing employees.

Employment Verification
Employees of KCS' U.S. subsidiaries can authorize verification of their employment and wage information through The Work Number at 800-367-5690 or Verifiers will be asked to provide KCSR Employee Code 13416, the employee's Social Security Number, and the employee-created Salary Key (created at The Work Number and provided to the verifier. For further assistance, call The Work Number Client Service Center (7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., CST) at 800-996-7566 or TTY: 800-424-0253.

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Resources for Mexico Employees

Most Employee information is currently available on the KCS Intranet website, Inside Track.

Gender Equality Model
At KCSM we promote a culture of gender equality through actions that contribute to generating and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment and a harmonious workplace.

Our criteria in all phases of the processes for attracting talent, training, professional development, and compensation are based on staff competence and interests and the needs of the company.

We are committed to being a place that promotes diversity and equal opportunities for men and women; we are also committed to the prevention of hiring discrimination and harassment.

Since 2010, the National Institute for Women has certified us as a company that has implemented the Gender Equality model.

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